Launching Martyr Husham Al-Hashimi Program for Peace Studies


To commemorate his mission for which he was martyred and to advocate his scientific legacy, the Center of Making Policies for International and Strategic Studies announces the launching of a research program after the martyr's name "Husham Al-Hashimi Program for Peace Studies". The program specializes in highlighting studies and research combating extremist forces, both terrorist groups or defector militias, in addition to addressing the martyr's research methodology and following his footsteps to make it a research school that combats - with science - terrorist and extremist groups and defector militias, aiming at a higher goal of achieving a safer and more peaceful Iraq and world.

Al-Hashimi was a fighter in the pursuit of a just, peaceful country and a homeland that guarantees human dignity. His research and words were a deadly weapon against terrorist organizations, foremost of which was the terrorist group of ISIS, which he sought to expose, decipher, and reveal its thought's maps; that helped the forces that combated and defeated this organization in Iraq and in Syria. Al-Hashimi was one of the signs of victory that was achieved against terrorism and its weakening, and his studies continued to pursue the group's remnants until the end of his journey. After the defeat of the terrorist organization in Iraq, Al-Hashimi proceeded to continue his research on the militias that wanted to establish a homeland of chaos in a way that might help them dominating their authority on the country's wealth and sovereign decision. His research was deep and influential in the detection of these crimes. After Iraq witnessed an uprising of young men who yearned for a free, democratic and secure country, which was faced by live ammunition and sniper rifles, Al-Hashimi was a shield to defend this uprising and its youth, without taking into account the anger of the militias that control the decision in the country. This was ended by his assassination by cowardly bullets that were fed up with Al-Hashimi's words and approach. Al-Hashemi has gone and sacrificed his life for this noble message; he has gone to the world's eternal record of messengers of peace and the warriors in peace's path.

To this end, the studies and scientific production of this program will focus on:
- Studies dealing with the research of the martyr Husham Al-Hashimi.

Studies of defector militias.

Studies of terrorist organizations.

Studies of rebel groups and dismantling of extremist approaches.

Studies in the program will be issued in the form of reports, research papers, assessment of position, and policy analysis. The program will also be open to publish all studies published by late Husham Al-Hashimi in all centers and fields, and to classify and achieve them in order to take care of his legacy.
 The program will be an endowment and funded by the center, and focuses on fostering the production and sponsorship of Husham Al-Hashimi's research methodology and its development.
In its first launch, this program will be a platform for friends and fellow researchers around the world to contribute to the continuation of the flow of Al-Hashimi's knowledge, and for his lamentation to be a continuation of his method, which he spent his life for.

May Mercy and Eternity be granted to the soul of our martyr Husham Al-Hashimi, who will remain immortal in Iraq's march towards freedom and democracy.
Farewell our noble researcher... to the pages of eternity.

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